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When you arrive in this border city Karlovy Vary, maybe better known as Karlsbad (German name), it might be a disappointment at first sight, but look for the tower from the Thermal hotel, pass the hotel and the city changes at once. Karlovy Vary is one of the most beautiful cities in the Czech Republic.

Karlovy Vary
is named after Bohemia's most beloved king Charles IV, which according to the history books was the person, who found the hot springs, or more precise, his dog found them. Karlovy Vary was founded around the year 1350 by the CZECH king and the Roman Emperor Charles IV. Charles IV's dog was hunting a deer and fell down in one of the hot springs, where Charles IV found it very burned. Different baths were built and like many thermal cities Karlovy Vary had its high peak in the period 1800-1920. The rich and royal came, built houses, parks, sanatoriums, hotels and theatres etceteras to experience the healing powers of the water. Underground thousands of warm mineral springs exists, and the best place to try the water is probably at the modern building, which is situated beside the statue of Jurij Gagarin, which is impossible to avoid. The spring goes 20 meters up in the air and is one of the biggest of the hot springs. Taste the water (the temperatures varies from 42-72 degrees Celsius). The water is free but it is a good idea to buy one of the special cups when you drink the water. The taste is very special and it is said to have a fantastic influence on the body. Two other things worth noticing in Karlovy Vary is Bohemian Crystal and Becherovka. Becherovka (a kind of liqueur) is named after its inventor, a chemist. Most people do not like the taste the first time and love it the second time. Do not exaggerate, or you might not drink anything else the rest of your live.

The clients from more than 80 countries of the world visit the town every year. The hot curative springs with the temperature from 42 degree Celsius till 72 degree Celsius are used for the drinking cure, for the baths and the irritations. Further natural curative resources (natural gas, mud, peat, etc.) are used in the combination with the latest medical methods. The spa physicians treat every client individually. Carlsbad hot mineral water contains almost all-important minerals for our body, it treats the inflammations and improves the function of digestive organs, it improves the immunity, and it helps the human body to clear off the harmful substances and improves the production of energy in the body.

Tradition in treatment of following diagnosis: digestive diseases, metabolic disorders (diabetes mellitus, obesity, gout), lipid disorders, parodontosis, diseases of the muscular-skeletal system.

The spa guests can combine your stay with the gastronomic experiences, with the music or sport, there is the possibility of the trips to the over 2200 ha of spa woods on foot or by the funicular. There is a beautiful horseracing course since 1899, a golf course with 18 holes, several tennis courts, several billiards, squash and other sport facilities.

The present appearance of Carlsbad, especially the spa centre, was influenced by the architecture from the end of the 19th century, i.e. by the historicism and Art Nouveau style. The spa guests visit many concerts of classical and popular music. Every year in the beginning of July in Karlovy Vary there is the International Film Festival-taking place. In Carlsbad museum there are long lists of famous visitors. Among the guests were famous composers, artists, scientists, and aristocracy of the whole world, bankers, sportsmen and important personalities of political and social life.

How to get there? You can use CZECH Airlines to Prague. Form airport to Karlovy Vary by bus take around 2 hours. We provide free transportation for our clients arriving by CZECH Airlines.

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